How Can Human Design Support My Business?

Dec 04, 2022
How can Human Design support my business?

So how can Human Design support my business?

Human Design is a combination of Western Astrology, Chinese I-Ching, Hindu Chakra System, Kabbalah Tree of Life, and Quantum Physics. Quite a combo right?!

When it comes down to it, Human Design details out how your own energy naturally interacts with the world. You were born with an unique energetic blueprint. Knowing your Human Design can empower you to let go of resistance and embrace uncertainty, by reconnecting to who you are, and who you are designed to be. 

There are several websites where you can input your birth information to know your own Human Design chart. The information you need to enter is your birthplace, birthtime, and your date of birth for your chart to be created. 

Here are a few places you can go to find your Human Design chart for free:



Genetic Matrix


Now that you have your chart, let’s get into how Human Design can elevate your business and life. First, take a look at what your Energy Type is. It will be one of five options. You will either be a:

  • Manifestor
  • Manifesting Generator
  • Generator 
  • Projector
  • Reflector

Within Human Design your Energy Type, Strategy, and Authority are a main focus. For today’s purposes we are going to narrow in on your Energy Type and Strategy

No matter your Energy Type, it demonstrates how your energy interacts with the world. How you take energy in from others and your environment and how you express your energy out into the world.

Now, there is one more piece before we get into the specifics. That is every Energy Type also has a Strategy along with it. Think of your Strategy as how you take action and even how the Universe communicates with you. Grasping your Strategy can be a game-changer in business and in life. 


Think about it… if you have a greater understanding of how your innate energy behaves and how to pick up cues from the Universe and operate with more ease and flow, how could that not be a game-changer! 


Let’s get into some specifics….   

MANIFESTORS (~8% of the population) 

Your Strategy is to initiate and inform. You have creative urges and are meant to be a trailblazer. Blaze that path for all the rest of us Manifestor!!

You deeply desire independence and freedom in all areas of life. Because of this, you don’t necessarily need others. You have the ability to initiate, to start something new. One facet of initiating and informing is that you are not meant to “do” the work (if you keep reading you will see that is for the Generators). It is likely you will follow your creative urge by informing others around you and initiating the process. Then, you will get to a point where it is time to delegate and possibly walk away. As a Manifestor you are NOT meant to see most things through. You are meant to initiate, to start.

Give yourself permission to delegate, quit, or walk away when the timing is correct for you.

The key for you, Manifestor, is to INFORM. Inform before you act. This will allow others around you to get energetically out of your way. It is crucial for you to have freedom and flow when you are in a creative urge. In order to have that flow, you need to inform others what you are going to do, before you start doing it. 

Trust me this will have a significant impact on your business and relationships if you start to inform before you act. Another benefit of following your Strategy of informing and initiating is you will experience greater freedom. You do not like to be told what to do. That is because you are here on this earth, during this time, to be unapologetically you! 

With this energy you do have more of a closed aura (think of your aura like the energetic field that surrounds your physical body). With a closed aura people will either love you or not be for you. Allow that flow and recognition of who is for you and let the others go. 

Biz Tips for Manifestors:

  • Pay attention to when you are asking for permission versus informing. If you are asking for permission, it is likely there is some form of conditioning that is dimming your light and energy. You aren’t here to ask for permission, you are here to inform. 
  • On a piece of paper make two columns. In one column write down the projects, activities, etc that you enjoy and feel like you can express and be creative with. That may be writing blog posts, taking photographs, 1:1 conversations. Then, in the other column write down the activities and responsibilities you feel forced to do. Maybe that is inputting receipts for expenses every month or meeting the expectation of posting four Reels per week. From this column you can then assess where changes can take place. The more freedom you give yourself, the more creative urges you will experience. 


GENERATORS (~36% of the population)

Your Strategy is waiting to respond. As a Generator, you have life-force energy innately within you. That means you have sustainable energy to get things done day-in-and-day-out. But if you are not spending your time and energy on activities you love, then there is likely an imbalance and dysfunction in your energy and wellbeing. 

Generator, you are here to do what lights you up and have fun while doing it! By being in this higher expression, you will raise the vibration of the world and that is the ultimate gift of Generator energy. 

Because you have sustainable energy and are very capable of getting stuff done, it can be VERY easy for you to say yes to something that is not aligned for you. 

It is likely you are “shoulding” all over yourself. Your energy is full of obligations, shoulds, and items you have said yes to when your body was telling you no or not right now. 

You have an inviting aura that is very attractive to others. With this kind of aura, it is very common for Generators to be people-pleasers. Here is a piece of life-changing advice… Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Sure you could be a guest speaker for a new group, but it doesn’t mean you have to do it or that it is correct for you. You need to do the work you love! 

An amazing aspect of being a Generator is that you are designed to know yourself through your Sacral response. Think of your Sacral response as your gut reaction, gut feeling, in the moment, in the now body response. 

Start to tap into your Sacral by noticing your body. The physical feelings in your body. Is your body expanding or contracting, leaning in or pulling away, maybe even feels relaxed or tight. These are all cues you can elevate in the moment to heighten your hell yes or f*ck no. 

As you start to tap more into your gut response you will notice your verbal response more. As a Generator you will have the following:

Uh huh = yes

Un unh = no 

You are meant to have guttural/visceral noises. When you are present and in the moment, your Sacral takes over. As you are in conversation you will start to notice more “Uh huh” responses as you are agreeing and intrigued. You will also start to notice “Un unh” coming out of your mouth when the item being discussed is not for you. Honor that Generator!

Biz Tips for a Generator:

  • Have boundaries! Honor when your gut is saying no or not right now.
  • Know that once you say yes, you have committed. Generators see things through. That is why it is important to listen to your body and noises coming out of your mouth.  
  • It is likely you will go through plateaus. As a Generator getting stuck is a natural part of your learning process. You learn one step at a time. Lean into the plateaus as a time to up your knowledge and assess your priorities. Repetition leads to mastery for a Generator. Plateaus are a natural part of that path. 


MANIFESTING GENERATORS (~35% of the population)

Your Strategy is waiting to respond and inform. If you have read the whole article up to this point, then you can pick up that this is a blend of the Manifestor and Generator Strategies. But you are unique all on your own!

As a Manifesting Generator (MG for short), you are a non-linear being designed to do things differently. You likely have multiple passions, or even multiple careers. And that is correct for you!

You don’t need others in order to get things done. You also have life-force energy like Generators. You desire independence and are not meant to “fit in”. You are meant to have your own expression. 

Being an MG you see the bottom line, the big picture. You often can skip steps along the way because you move fast and see the end results in sight. At times, you can skip too many steps and have to go back in order to move forward. But that is your energy and pace of doing. 

A key factor for any MG is that you need to inform before you act and do. Since you can move fast it is easy for you to forget to inform. But by informing you allow those around you to know what you are doing and how to stay out of your way. Slowing down or getting out of your flow can be very frustrating for you. Inform first and your flow will not be interrupted like it used to. 

Because you are a non-linear, multi-passionate person you can get excited about new opportunities easily. It is common for MGs to have a reputation of being flaky or even aloof. This is because in the moment when a colleague asked if you wanted to go to the business event in two weeks, you said yes and meant it. But when the event rolls around you no longer want to go. 

MGs allow yourself to show interest, but not commit to too many activities or engagements in the future. You can always say something like, “I am interested, could you reach out to me next Friday to confirm if I can go?” 

Give yourself permission to change your mind so you can continue to do the things you love the most. 

As a Manifesting Generator it is important to tap into your gut response like a Generator. What does your body feel when you are asked to do something, or commit to something? As an MG you get to go a step further. When you have a Sacral yes and start doing the thing, make sure to give yourself time to assess if this activity is still correct for you. Something may look great in your mind, but once you start doing it, it may no longer feel correct for you after all. That is natural for a MG and needs to be honored. 

Biz Tips for a Manifesting Generator:

  • Have boundaries! Honor when your gut is saying no or not right now.
  • Give yourself permission to quit. Yes, you read that right, it says to quit. Delegate tasks, projects, or honor when it is time to walk away. You are not meant to finish everything you start.  


PROJECTORS (~20% of the population)

Your Strategy is to wait for the invitation and recognition. Projector, you are here to be and to guide. You are really a new type of leader. We live in a predominantly Generator world (70% of the population is either a Generator or Manifesting Generator). With that, it is easy to get sucked into the doing rather than in the being. 

You are not designed to work. I know we are discussing business and just told you not to work. This really means that you are not designed to work 40-hours a week and be a “busy bee.” 

You do thrive with three to maybe four hours of focused output per day. Whether that is doing tasks, brainstorming, creating, etc. Then for the remainder of the day you do best with rest and play. 

When a Projector is in their flow you can accomplish tasks at warp speed! You may get an inspiration or invitation to revamp a course and outline it all in a couple of hours. The key to this pattern is you must have downtime from that concentration. 

If you do not have downtime, then you are on your way to burnout. The vast majority of Projectors will experience burnout in their life, and likely more than once. Your energy is precious and it is very easy for you to take on other people's energy. If you take on others' energy and work too much, burnout will be the end result. 

You have a focused and absorbing aura. It is like you can see into people you are around. You naturally have insights and wisdom. 

The key for you, is in order for your insights to be heard you must be invited to share or recognized for who you are before you share. 

If you have advice for someone and they are not ready to hear it and haven’t invited you in…. Well that is not going to go so well and you will likely feel bitter after the encounter. You have a gift to see the potential in others, but you have to be invited to share first. 

In regards to business, you are a natural at pointing out the nuances and seeing the big picture for a process. You can come off as being “bossy” if you are giving advice when you haven’t been asked to do so. 

This cannot be stressed enough, you need to hear you are valued on a regular basis. You need to be in environments where you are recognized for who you are, not for what you do. Being valued is energy giving for a Projector.  

Biz Tips for a Projector:

  • How much of your day are you working versus being? If you have focused output for more than 4 hours most days, it is likely you are not thriving in your body. Assess what tasks or activities you can get support with or can go away all together. 
  • Waiting for the invitation or recognition can be a challenge as a Projector. If you have something you would like to share you can always say something like, “I have some thoughts around this, would you like me to share them with you?” You can prompt the invitation. But the person needs to respond to affirm that they do genuinely want that information. 
  • Assess the fun in your life! Have fun and play every day. People are very attracted to a Projector that is in their fun and being. 
  • Make sure to get downtime on a nightly basis. Literally space by yourself for at least 10 minutes. This will allow for you to discharge all the energy you interacted with the day. 


REFLECTORS (~1% of the population)  

Your Strategy is to wait a lunar cycle (28 days). Reflector you are a unicorn in our society. You have a depth and wisdom to you unlike anyone else. You are a moon being that truly desires to have new experiences and connections in this life. 

You may feel like a sort of chameleon or that you can take on several different hats. This is because you have a sampling aura. You may really enjoy music when you are around musicians or love to read when you are with your book club. That is all a part of your energy. You are meant to sample

Through this sampling and having new experiences you gain a unique and rare insight. The key for you is to be present and let go. Make sure to prioritize doing things that make you happy! And not doing things to just make others happy. 

Your surroundings and environment are extremely important for you. You need to feel safe and like the vibe of where you are. That included the actual space and the people around you. 

Lean into your innate wisdom. People will be drawn to you for this information. 

Experiencing a whole lunar cycle (or about 28 days) allows you to tap into the full Human Design chart. As a Reflector you do not have any definition in your Centers. Allowing the 28 days connects you to the cosmos and universal placement of where the planets are in real-time.

Waiting a lunar cycle is important for big life decisions. Like buying a new car, or home, or committing to a relationship. There may be days that you have a strong knowing for a decision and other days you do not. So waiting a full lunar cycle gives you a cosmic boost into your knowing. So, by the end of the cycle you are clear with your decision and can move forward from there. 

Biz Tips for a Reflector:

  • You are not here to work. You are here to experience and be present. Opportunities will come to you when you are prioritizing your happiness. 
  • Take your time. You operate differently than that vast majority of the world. Honor that and allow for experimentation. 
  • Let your wisdom shine when you are invited to do so. You have different insights and a depth of knowledge than most. 


So there you have it! This is only scratching the surface of Human Design and how it can impact your life and business. I hope this was insightful for you and if you have any follow up questions, please reach out! 


REMEMBER Human Design allows you to get out of your mind and back into your body.


In Joy,


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