Welcome to Designed For More, let's hangout!

Dec 04, 2022
Welcome to Designed For More

Welcome welcome! 

I am thrilled you are here and reading these words on the screen. I don't know how you came upon this link, but I hope you stay and get cozy. 

I want to welcome you to Designed For More and give you more context on why this space exists and who I am. 

Intention for this space

My intention is to provide you value and insight into the Human Design system along with how to bring more joy back into your life. Along the way I will be showcasing what Designed For More has to offer (yep that will include my offers). 

I realize it is easy to be bombarded with all the communication coming at you. This space will be full of information you can use to live life differently. It will be refreshing, intriguing, and maybe even surprising at what I propose. 

It is likely something is off in an area of your life. You may dread getting out of bed, or feel like you are in the hamster wheel of life, or maybe so disconnected with your body that you don't even remember what joy feels like in your body.

You are not alone! AND you have the ability to choose differently. (This is where I can help.)


Who I am 

HI! I'm Jessica, the owner and creator of Designed For More. 

For over the past decade I have been a practicing Registered Dietitian and Clinical Exercise Physiologist helping others learn about their body while reaching their health goals.

I have done that in a variety of settings ranging from a Seattle-based startup that focused on Scientific Wellness by providing over 100 different analytes (think blood, saliva, genetics, sleep data, etc.). I would help make sense of it to each client with the goal of improving their longevity and overall wellness. I have also had the pleasure of building out a coaching program within a concierge functional medicine practice

Throughout my time coaching people with a variety of health concerns and diagnosis I couldn't help but feel like something was missing for many of them. We were able to go deep into their biology and the science of why recommendations were being made. But for many of them they were unable to fully achieve their goals. 

For the people that thrive with specific, measurable, and realistic goals (anyone heard of a SMART goal before?) this set up was perfect for them. And honestly a joy for me to work with. But that was only about 20% of my clientele

For the other 80%, I so wished I would have had their Human Design to know potential areas of conditioning, how they receive information best, pace of consuming data, how they are meant to make decisions, and so much more.

Hence why Designed For More exists. I will be going into more depth about Human Design through this blog.


What you can expect from Designed For More

You can expect to receive education, real-life experience and experimentation, coaching, and a whole lot of laughter. My personality Sun is in Gate 58, so I love to create and refine systems to bring more joy and vitality to the community. 

Human Design is a vast system with endless insights. That is what I love about it. You can change your life by only diving into your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority. Or you can spend a lifetime learning your energetics and the system. 

Designed For More is a space you can come to learn about Human Design in a joy-filled way. 

There will be plenty of blog posts about Human Design and the foundations of the system. But for now... I hope this has provided you with some insights to why Designed For More was created and about myself and background. 

Let us know >>> Have you heard of Human Design before? If so, how long have you been studying or using Human Design in your life?


In Joy,


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