What is Human Design?

Dec 04, 2022
What is Human Design

So what is Human Design anyway? 

I get this question a ton and it is a good one. 

Human Design is a tool or system that shows your energetic blueprint. How your energy is meant to interact with the world and how the world is meant to interact with you. 

Human Design highlights how you create flow and ease in your life energetically. Empowers you to let go of resistance and embrace uncertainly, trust who you are, and who you are designed to be. 

Intrigued?!? Keep reading...


Human Design is a combination of 5 ancient wisdoms:

  • Astrology
  • I-Ching
  • Hindu Chakra System
  • Kabbalah Tree of Life
  • Quantum Physics 

That's a lot, and when you first view your Human Design chart you will likely be confused and overwhelmed. Here is an example of my chart! 👇 

When learning about your energetics there will be many aspects you resonate completely with and may even be freaked out at how accurate it is. One of the foundations with Human Design is that it is all an experiment rooted in science. As you read any Human Design information keep asking yourself, "Does this work for me? Does this ring true for me?" If the answer is no, let that part go and come back to it at a different time.


So How Do You Get Your Human Design Chart?

In order to create your own Human Design chart (also known as the Bodygraph) you need to know your birth information

  • Birth Date
  • Exact Birth Time
  • Birth Location

Once you have that information you can go to a number of websites to input your data and get your chart. 

Free Human Design Charts Available at:

From there, you can start your experiment and gathering information. I do recommend focusing on your Energy Type, Strategy and Authority to begin with. That alone will likely change your life and bring more joy and ease into day-to-day living.


Human Design is vast and can support you in many areas of life. It can give you:

  • A permission slip to live the life you desire.
  • Tools and insights on how you operate.
  • Areas of possible conditioning and susceptibility.
  • New ways of experimenting with your energy.
  • An ability to change your reality with clarity.
  • A new sense of peace within your body and soul.

Doesn't that all sound refreshing?!

Human Design is a tool to enhance your life, it is not a dogma. Life is an experiment and so is Human Design. It has already had a significant impact on my life since 2020. 


There are a lot of terms within Human Design, so here is a cheat sheet you can always come back to if you need a refresher. I will be diving into all of these sections in the blog in due time.

TYPE   How you exchange your energy and interact with the world.

STRATEGY   How you take action. How the Universe talks to you.

AUTHORITY   How you come to decisions that are aligned for you. How you talk to the Universe.

NOT-SELF   A specific feeling when you are not aligned. You can think of it as a red flag that something is off, in resistance to your energy.

SIGNATURE   A specific feeling when you are living that aligned life. In flow and resonance with your energy.

PROFILE   How you get things done.

INCARNATION CROSS   Your life theme.


I so appreciate you taking the time to read this post and I hope it provided you more insight into Human Design. Let me know what else you would like me to write out!


In Joy,


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