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Joy, freedom, peace, satisfaction, play, creation...


It is time to reconnect with your body and inner knowing to live the life you truly desire!

Designed For More offers a variety of ways to connect and go deep with your design. 


Whether you have never heard about Human Design or you can't seem to get enough information about your design and the system. 

Personalized Human Design PDF

New to Human Design and want to get an overview of your unique energetics?

Get your personalized PDF PLUS a 15-20 minute audio recording


6-week Human Design Coaching with Jess

Ready to learn about your design 1:1, while being supported through your own experiment for change?

* Text coaching available


90-day Human Design Coaching with Jess

This is where we go deep! Into your design and into your barriers. Ready to jump in?

* Text coaching available

Are you a coach? Interested to know your clients Human Design?

Designed For More offers sliding scale group rate for PDF overviews + audio recordings to elevate your service as a coach! DM Jess at @iamdesignedformore on IG or email [email protected] for more information. 

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Jessica is amazing! I had no idea about Human Design but she explained it so well and really brought it back to how it could relate to my life and my business. She also was there via Voxer for any questions I had or situations I needed help with! She is a pleasure and was so fun to talk to and I highly recommend booking a meeting with her asap!!

-Jessica S

When I started working with Jessica, I really thought I was doing it to help expand my abilities as a CEO, to help me function more efficiently in my business. Little did I know that the value she would instilled in me about my design would also expand me in my personal growth journey, my relationships & even in parenting.  After working with Jessica, I have never felt more aligned in navigating life & business using tools unique to my design as a Splenic Projector.  Jessica’s energy and coaching strategies are incredible and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

- Alex B

Jessica's fantastic coaching helped me put a name to some of my gut feelings and instincts. She showed me how to work with my Human Design to not only grow my business but how to live life in a way that works with my brain instead of against it! Jessica is the real deal. Thanks Jess!

- Karrie L

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